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A leading manufacturer of climate control systems since 2013.

Our focus spans research and development, production, sales, trade, engineering, and service of advanced livestock and poultry/greenhouse environmental control equipment. From negative pressure fans and ventilation fans to cooling wet curtains and heaters, our comprehensive product line reflects our dedication to meeting diverse agricultural needs.

Backed by a high-quality staff team, Big-Herd Company possesses robust capabilities in product production and research and development. Our expertise and targeted design approach ensure tailored solutions that fully meet customer requirements. Committed to advancing agricultural technology, we take pride in providing efficient and cutting-edge climate control systems for livestock, poultry, and greenhouse environments.


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Your chicken, cows, pigs or greenhouse count on you all day, every day, for a healthy environment. Since 2003, SinoGreen has helped you perform better – With lasting quality, friendly support and an honest desire to get it right.


Ongoing efforts

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Ongoing efforts